"Happy Curmudgeons Band is devoted to getting inside the musical note then finding soul and spirit"



Tumbleweed used the Lullaby amplifier and the Harpoon mic on our song Jack Russell.

Tumbleweed and Dave started to record demos of Jack Russell, which is a new track about a bounty hunter.

The band is planning to release their second album after the first of the year. Listen to their new single 2nd Chances HERE

Here is some history on Lullaby Sound Design.

Born from the remains of two small, Louisiana homes, The Lullaby Sound Design Complex @ 3237 Kaliste Saloom is as unique as the amplifiers that are built here.

At risk of being demolished, these buildings were transported to where they currently reside, between two hundred-year-old oak trees, and repaired to hold up to the test of time. The interior was replaced with reclaimed wood from local demolition sites, with the goal of reducing waste and to add a rare aesthetic touch. These buildings have been redesigned to hold an electronic laboratory, sound studio, and an amplifier showroom. Read More

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