"Happy Curmudgeons Band is devoted to getting inside the musical note then finding soul and spirit"



The Happy Curmudgeons headlined Wardo's BBQ on Sept. 1st. This was the 21st year for the event that Ron Ward started in Flushing, MI. Good times, great food and music are all part of this event.

Past acts have included Greta Von Fleet and Escaping Pavement during the Labor Day weekend. This was the first time the Happy Curmudgeons took a whole band to the event. Amy, Dave, and Tumbleweed opened the show in 2017 as an acoustic act.

Dave and Amy

The event is semi-private and always has a down-home, comfortable feeling. The musical acts range in genres and can appeal to almost any taste of music. Pauly M. Everett did the artwork for the show this year in the spirit of the BBQ.

Tumbleweed. Jeff Warner and Vaughn Mortimer

Ron Ward does catering during the regular calendar year and his food is a favorite among the locals. The best news is that Ron is already planning to do the event for the 22nd year.

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