"Happy Curmudgeons Band is devoted to getting inside the musical note then finding soul and spirit"



A band dedicated to writing and playing music that will inspire, The Happy Curmudgeons sound is born from hard work, determination, and a deep passion for their craft. Brought together by Dave Hamilton in 2015, the band wrote and recorded eleven original tracks eventually became their debut album, ‘Meant 2 Be’. Built from the ground up, ‘Meant 2 Be’ is a compilation of classic rock, blues, and contemporary folk all mixed into a brilliant maelstrom of sound.

A wonderful rough and ready album, ‘Meant 2 Be’ is jam-packed with killer hooks and driven guitar riffs, stitching together elements of timeless blues and classic, old school rock to make a debut album that simply demands to be heard. Showcasing a diverse range of songwriting talents, the album is a rich tapestry of rock styles and charming compositions, ranging from country-tinged opener ‘Bar Hoppin’, to the soft, almost melancholy sounds of the title track, and finally to the hard-hitting epics like ‘Burn Sugar Burn’.

A vibrant patchwork of style and sounds, ‘Meant 2 Be’ is perfectly textured and wonderfully produced, keeping a raw, authentic sound at the core of each track while also helping to lessen some of the kinks so you can easily sail passed them. Tracks such as ‘You Gotta Move On’ and ‘Scatter Brain’ shine with a spirited acoustic sound, bringing the latter half of the album to a close with a sway of textured, evocative sounds that are incessantly charming and impossible deny.

Staying from the well-trodden path, the band prove the creative streak with a series of vibrant tracks, diving headfirst into a pool of heavy psychedelic waves with ‘Carnal Boogie’, and burning the airwaves with classic rock harmonies on ‘Butterfly’, a distorted epic that will stay with you long after it fades from your speakers. A personal favorite, ‘Idle Time’ is a glorious, shoegaze-infused track that burns through a slow, wonderfully evolved melody. Read full review here

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