"Happy Curmudgeons Band is devoted to getting inside the musical note then finding soul and spirit"



This is Dave's 1984 Hamer Prototype with Kahler bridge. He is the first and only owner of this guitar. It was purchased from Flint Music Co. which is now defunct.

The store was located on Dort Hwy and sold a lot of top-end instruments in the 1970s and '80s. Dave took lessons from Tom Deduca and Dennis Briggs (who played with Grand Funk RR).

He was able to purchase the guitar shortly after his 16th birthday and after seeing the Grateful Dead for the first time at Pine Knob that summer.

He had some upgrades done to the Peace -N- Love guitar. Artist Pauly M. Everett did the Happy Curmudgeons logo and the paint job. He did install a new humbucker pickup. The single-coil along with the double coil near the bridge is known as a mother-bucker.

He replaced the original humbucker with a Bare Knuckles Aftermath pickup. He loves the sound it provides especially with a great distortion pedal. Bare Knuckles are made in the UK and add much needed tonicity.

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