"Happy Curmudgeons Band is devoted to getting inside the musical note then finding soul and spirit"



This is Dave's 1984 Hamer Prototype with Kahler bridge. He is the first and only owner of this guitar. It was purchased from Flint Music Co. which is now defunct.

The store was located on Dort Hwy and sold a lot of top-end instruments in the 1970s and '80s. Dave took lessons from Tom Deduca and Dennis Briggs (who played with Grand Funk RR).

He was able to purchase the guitar shortly after his 16th birthday and after seeing the Grateful Dead for the first time at Pine Knob that summer.

He had some upgrades done to the Peace -N- Love guitar. Artist Pauly M. Everett did the Happy Curmudgeons logo and the paint job. He did install a new humbucker pickup. The single-coil along with the double coil near the bridge is known as a mother-bucker.

He replaced the original humbucker with a Bare Knuckles Aftermath pickup. He loves the sound it provides especially with a great distortion pedal. Bare Knuckles are made in the UK and add much needed tonicity.


Faulkner Review:

This is an excellent single release from Happy Curmudgeons that highlights the strength of Dave Hamilton’s songwriting and the synergistic musicianship of his gifted band members.

The track, Soulsville, is taken from the Meant 2 Be album and makes an opposite choice as a single release. It’s an upbeat rock track based around an instantly infectious bluesy guitar riff, which starts out the song. Backed by the excellent rhythm section of Rick Beamon on drums and Takashi Iio on bass, the band hit a strong groove before Dave Hamilton’s assured and authentic vocals complete the sonic picture, his vocal delivery lying halfway between Neil Young and Lou Reed.

The song was originally inspired by seeing the Grateful Dead perform in Chicago and it’s essentially a love letter to that city’s vibrant music scene, the Soulsville in question, as captured by the opening lines: “There’s a place that I know, somewhere to go…I like to hang around….downtown is the place.”. The spirited energy of the music perfectly mirrors the lyrical subject matter with Beamon and Iio interlocking with Hamilton’s crunchy chords and driving riffage. Read More


John is a high school friend who lives in Lexington, Ky. He was doing some sight-seeing and wearing our tee shirt he purchased. He happened to hear Burn Sugar Burn on the radio while visiting London.

The BBC picked Burn Sugar Burn and Idle Time to play on their radio stations over the summer. John Brugger is pictured here on the iconic Abbey Road wearing a Happy Curmudgeons shirt. The old guys are nicely displaced on the thoroughfare in the City of Westminster in London.



Pauly M. Everett has finished the cover for our new material that we are adding on our second album, 2nd Chances. We are very excited about the new songs and very grateful for the fabulous art!

Pauly M. Everett
Mixed Media Painting/Illustration/Murals/Printmaking

Born and raised in Flint, Pauly recalls that he started painting seriously about 13 years ago. He studied sculpture and painting at Mott Community College, but his greatest teacher has been the experience of attending art shows and museums and soaking up other artists’ work and styles. Read More about Pauly

We have some special guests on this album that brought a creative spark to this project. We hope to have a new single available very soon! Peace & Love #happycurmudgeons #paulymeverett #longviewstudio #reverbnation #secondchances



Happy Curmudgeons are a rock/pop band with shades of folk, blues and country hailing from Bloomfield Hills in Michigan. Their debut album and musical journey to get there has had a lengthy gestation period. In the 1980’s singer/songwriter and guitarist, Dave Hamilton was in a band called the Angel-Headed Hipsters and met none other than Velvet Underground legend Lou Reed who told him he was a great songwriter and to stick at it. Many years later the band were formed with Jeff Warner on guitar and Amy Dixon-Lavery on additional vocals.

The album, Meant To Be, contains eleven tracks and begins with the good time, upbeat rock ‘n roll of Bar Hoppin, showcasing Hamilton’s spirited, Allman Brothers style vocals and Takashi Iio’s inventive, propulsive bass playing. Both the rhythm and lead guitar playing is superb throughout, with a nice mixture of tones. Amy Dixon-Lavery’s backing harmonies add further colour and richness to the sound. The carefree, joyous vibe of the song is captured in the fine chorus hook: “Bar Hoppin’ on a Saturday night, Sunday morning feels alright with you…”.

The following Soulsville is about going to see The Grateful Dead in Chicago and the song is an ode to the inspiration created by Chicago’s great music scene. It’s a tasty piece of blues-rock with a slick guitar riff and features a superb sax solo courtesy of guest musician Jeff Tabaloff. Rick Beamon drives the whole song forward with his crisp, tight drumming. Read Full Article Here



Good Day! Happy weekend everyone and we hope everyone gets a chance to listen to some great HC music.

Reverb Nation has IDLE TIME in this group of songs from Best New Singer/Songwriters.

Dave Hamilton is on vocals and guitar, Shawn Ramsey on bass, and Rick Beamon on drums.

The track was produced by Nate Harasim and Mark Byerly. You can find the track on Meant 2 Be which is available on iTunes and Amazon Music. Peace & LOVE -DH #happycurmudgeons #meant2be #reverbnation



A band dedicated to writing and playing music that will inspire, The Happy Curmudgeons sound is born from hard work, determination, and a deep passion for their craft. Brought together by Dave Hamilton in 2015, the band wrote and recorded eleven original tracks eventually became their debut album, ‘Meant 2 Be’. Built from the ground up, ‘Meant 2 Be’ is a compilation of classic rock, blues, and contemporary folk all mixed into a brilliant maelstrom of sound.

A wonderful rough and ready album, ‘Meant 2 Be’ is jam-packed with killer hooks and driven guitar riffs, stitching together elements of timeless blues and classic, old school rock to make a debut album that simply demands to be heard. Showcasing a diverse range of songwriting talents, the album is a rich tapestry of rock styles and charming compositions, ranging from country-tinged opener ‘Bar Hoppin’, to the soft, almost melancholy sounds of the title track, and finally to the hard-hitting epics like ‘Burn Sugar Burn’.

A vibrant patchwork of style and sounds, ‘Meant 2 Be’ is perfectly textured and wonderfully produced, keeping a raw, authentic sound at the core of each track while also helping to lessen some of the kinks so you can easily sail passed them. Tracks such as ‘You Gotta Move On’ and ‘Scatter Brain’ shine with a spirited acoustic sound, bringing the latter half of the album to a close with a sway of textured, evocative sounds that are incessantly charming and impossible deny.

Staying from the well-trodden path, the band prove the creative streak with a series of vibrant tracks, diving headfirst into a pool of heavy psychedelic waves with ‘Carnal Boogie’, and burning the airwaves with classic rock harmonies on ‘Butterfly’, a distorted epic that will stay with you long after it fades from your speakers. A personal favorite, ‘Idle Time’ is a glorious, shoegaze-infused track that burns through a slow, wonderfully evolved melody. Read full review here